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Taj Mahal AP Hotel, Tehran

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Taj Mahal AP Hotel, Tehran
I have just returned from a week visiting Tehran. Stayed in TajMahal hotel while visiting. The hotel is magnificent with superior service.

Each room has a living room, Bedroom and small Kitchenette with Private Bathroom. You also get daily fresh fruit in your room.

There is a real nice restaurant inside Hotel with quality Food. Breakfast is included with lots of fresh fruit, cheese, bread and pastries. There is also exercise room and a Pool.

Hotel is in center of city accessable to North and south (business district).

Overall I would say this is probably the best hotel I have ever stayed in Tehran and I am extremely fussy!
Please let me know the charges for staying at Taj Mahal hotel 3nights & four days...we two are looking to visit on 15th December,2006.

Please advise..

Md Arshad Imam
Dear Sir,

Taj mahal Hotel Appartment is per night 1Bed room Appartment 150.00USd+12%tax.

It will be too expensive if you need others hotel booking ,you can contact me.

Dear Lady,

do you have a single room from 21st of May up to 27 th of May?

Thank you for your promt reply.
Is there A Tajmahal too?
We have one in India, one of the seven wonders of the world and its not a hotel.
I am Ajay from India wants to know that where you got this name Taj mahal hotel in Tehran because it is Indian historic monument and comes under the list of seven wonder in world.Have you ever visited here to watch this antic piece that admires you? I think so.
pls advice me that how i book hotel or give me contact no of hotel
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