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Plastic surgery in Iran

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Plastic surgery in Iran, Plastic surgery in Iran, how to getting it done, names of reputable plastic surgeons and prices etc
Iran is the country with the largest number of nose jobs in the world. Here you can find hot topics on getting plastic surgery/nose job in Iran. ~Forum Admin

Hi, can anyone help. There seems to be so much written about plastic surgery in Tehran, but nothing has been written about how to go about getting it done there! Unless you're already in Iran. Anyway, I wanted advice from anyone who has had personal experience of plastic surgery in Tehran and recommend any surgeons, and practical things like, cost, how long would I need out there, and as Muslim women (on British passport) traveling alone, would it be possible.

Are there any before and after photographs? Can someone please help me? Many thanks
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Thank you Dr Hafezi for writing the previous long essay!!!
Hi does anyone know DR.koohestani? he is a plastic surgeon I want to know if any body had a plastic surgery with him?
i am looking for a nose surgen in Iran. I have heard that there is a very good doctor in Esfahan. Does anyone know of any good doctors.
Please, help me!...Does anyone know Dr. Ghanaatpisheh?...Is he a good plastic surgeon?
Dr alireza ghane is doing surgery in sohravardi clininc
Dr mohsen Naraghi is working in Day hospital
Dr kohestani
Dr deilami pour
Dr farzam
Dr boostani
Hello guys,
Does any1 has doctor salehi's phone number or address?????

Kind Regards
Dr abedipoor is a real plastic surgeon.dr naraghi is not a plastic surgeon.he works on sinus
ask from iranian medical council about the real specialty of a surgeon before nose job.I quire them about dr naraghi and they said he is a ENT surgeon ,not a plastic surgeon!!! it is fishy!
I'm an Iranian girl living in sweden.A large bump on my nose made me depresed.I prefer to have nose job in Iran.Can any body recommened me an expert plastic surgeon in Tehran.
Hi everyone,

I had an open rhino in Iran in 2001 and it was horrible... the doc messed up my nose... he blamed it on my thick skin. My second nose job in the US in 2004 was a closed rhinoplasty and the american doctor fixed the horrible work of the doctor in Iran but since it was a closed surgery he did not address the problems of my BIG TIP mostly due to my really THICK skin. Is there a doctor in Iran who specializes in thick skin noses? I really need your help. I am very unhappy with my nose and I feel like I can't trust anyone...

I would appreciate any help. Thank you so much in advance.

Hallo zusammen,

meinen Bruder 2 x wurde in Afghanistan verbrant!

Ich suche für ihn ein Chirug im Iran dass gut und günstig ist.

Beste dank im Vorraus.

Salam ba hama azzizan,

dadasham 2 bar dar jang hai Afghanistan sokht, mah dar jostohie yak Daktar jarah laieq bah

qimate payen dar Iran astem, agar lotf karda mah ra komak nomayed.

Qablan motashakerem.
Guest wrote:


Guest wrote:
Hi everybody, I am writing from Germany. I discovered, Iranian surgeries do their jobs very well. I prefer a PERFECFT nose, small and thin. Superficial. Do you know which doctors in Iran create and perform these kinds of nose jobs? Dr. Shapoori is the only one I discovered so far, but his email address is not working. I would be very grateful for more names, sources and websites. Thanks! hi,i strongley recommend dr.mohsen naraghi,he's job is great,be sure,see

No his noses look still tooo normal! Any other recommends?

Dr: Reza M Farahvash
Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Office
Reza M Farahvash
191 Saint Botolph Street#2
Boston MA 02115


آدرس: تهران، خيابان وليعصر، بالاتر از سه راه عباس آباد، نبش کوچه نادر، ساختمان پزشکان ۱٠٤٥ صندوق پستی: ۱۵۱۷۵-۵۷۵

تلفن: +۹۸-۲۱-۸۸۷۲-۴۵۷۸

نمابر: +۹۸-۲۱-۸۸۷۲-۹۴۲۲

تلفن همراه: +۹۸-۹۱۲-۱۳۰-۲۵۸۵ پست الکترونیک:

تهران - چهارراه پاسداران - خیابان دولت - حدفاصل اختیاریه و دیباجی

ساختمان پزشکان 450 غربی تلفن: 22583291 و 22594585

پذیرائی همه روزه صبح و عصر Email:

صفحه اصلی ارتباطات تماس با ما

خیابان ولي عصر - تقاطع آفريقا و ميرداماد - ضلع جنوب غربي پل میرداماد - ساختمان باران - پلاك 408 -طبقه اول- واحد 10

88661959 - 88662003 - 88661980 - (21) 98+
88661980 - (21) 98+

جهت کسب اطلاعات بیشتر و یا سوالات مد نظرتان ، از طریف فرم زیر با ما ارتباط برقرار نمایید

Dr. Farhad hafezi MD FACS
Dr. Hafezi, click here or call +9821 222 50 623

Dr. med. A. Safavi
Facharzt für Neurologie
Burgstr. 3
63755 Alzenau
Tel. 06023-993270
Fax 06023-993271


Herr Dr. med. Hossein Ghafari-Nazari
Mitterfeldstraße 11
93309 Kelheim

Dr. med. Parviz Ansari, Karlstadt, Düsseldorf
Königsallee 82, 40212 Düsseldorf

160000 Frauen und Männer lassen sich jährlich rund um die Kö Gesicht und Körper operieren. BILD stellt die besten Ärzte in einer Serie vor
Der König der Schönheits-Allee
Dr. Parviz Ansari begründete den Ruhm der Kö-Chirurgen. Mit Brüsten nach Wunsch

S-Thetic Clinic Düsseldorf
Plastische Chirurgie, Dermatologische
Kaiserswerther Markt 25
40489 Düsseldorf
Tel.: 0211/4369340
Dr.Afschin Fatemi


Dr./Iranische National-Univ. Nasser Behboudi
Mathildenstr. 3
65189 Wiesbaden

Dr. med. Parwis Helaly
Helaly Medical Center
Tel. +41 (0)43 243 69 67

AMRIKA Dr. Parina Cho MD
Radiologist - Hopkins, Minnesota
Physician Addresses
5995 Opus Pkwy
Virtual Radiologic Consultants
Suite 200
Hopkins, MN 55343 m

Dr. Reza Khoshini practices Internal Medicine in Harbor City, California. Dr. Khoshini graduated with an MD 10 years ago.
Address & Contact Information:
Address & Contact Information:
1000 West Carson Street
Torrance, CA, 90502

does anyone no how much it cost to do rhinoplasty iran? and as soon as you get there how fast can you get it done... i mean like would there be any wait time..
Also have anyone done any other procedures aside from nose job, can someone share their experience plz...

Hey guys,

what do you think about dr.shapoori ?

Thank you
dr hafezi did my nose. to be honest everyone on this website supporting a doctor could be fishy so make sure you ask real friends and family. im very happy with my nose now. his website pretty much shows his ability and his eye for a nice nose period.
FISHY smile:!:
Miss Fishy,are you a friend of dr Hafezi or U are dr hafezi.dr hafezi website is very fishy,
dr hafezi screwed up my sister nose miss fishy.
miss fishy I know who u r
u r dr hafezi or a good frind of him.
one of his patients died after rhinoplasty ,miss fishy.and this shows his ability.
Miss fishy please don,t advertise for dr hafezi .I never recommend him for nose job miss fishy.
I recommend dr mohsen naraghi.try his website. miss fishy dr naraghi is not fishy
Hello All

I highly recommend to select Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Specialist who is also an expert in rhinoplasty (plastic surgery of nose). I am myself a Medical Doctor and my daughter had a plastic surgery of her nose by Dr Fereydon Pourparviz
He does an excellent job . I highly recommend him
contact him at 662-2622565
i have broken three finger .cut by cutter any docter if help me plz e mail in that addres

I am considering rhinoplasty but I always had a breathing/sinus problem which I did an operation for. I have been considering Tehran for the operation and had seen a job done by Dr. Farahmand Sabeti which seemed very natural. I have been advised Dr. Moltajji as the best doctor in Iran, but I did not like some jobs that I seen which looked very fake and european up pointed nose. Dr. Sabeti does not show his patients before and after pics and I have only seen one patient. I want to know if people generally recommend him? Has anyone done an operation with him? Is he good? How does he rank in Iran? Also, does Shiraz have comparable good plastic surgeons or are the best in Tehran?

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