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Plastic surgery in Iran

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Plastic surgery in Iran, Plastic surgery in Iran, how to getting it done, names of reputable plastic surgeons and prices etc
Iran is the country with the largest number of nose jobs in the world. Here you can find hot topics on getting plastic surgery/nose job in Iran. ~Forum Admin

Hi, can anyone help. There seems to be so much written about plastic surgery in Tehran, but nothing has been written about how to go about getting it done there! Unless you're already in Iran. Anyway, I wanted advice from anyone who has had personal experience of plastic surgery in Tehran and recommend any surgeons, and practical things like, cost, how long would I need out there, and as Muslim women (on British passport) traveling alone, would it be possible.

Are there any before and after photographs? Can someone please help me? Many thanks
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man mikham biyam iran damaghamo amal konam,
age misha lotfan yekam komak konin ka alan kodom dokhtar khobea
ba man pishnehade safavi va hafezi shode
man dost dashatam majid navab amal kone ama migan ka fot karde
does anyone know a good surgeon in shiraaz??? plz heeeeeeeeeeeelp
Guest wrote:
Hello All

I know dr nikpoor who is a board certified plastic surgeon.He is cheap and experienced,not expensive. dr parnia is very cheap surgeon.The problem with dr parnia is that he is not board certified in plastic surgery.I my self don't trust him.I go for a board certified plastic surgeon like dr Nikpoor who practice in Shiraz.

Mahnaz bagherzadeh

Do you have contact details for dr nikpoor plz???
You can also check this
Dont go dr. ameri in tehran he ruined my nose
با درود من به دنبال یک جراح خوب در تهران میگردم برای جراحی صورت و پیشانی میخواهم شنیدم دکتر ناجیان اگر درست شنیدهباشم مرسی از کمک شما
Hi guys,

i would appericat eif you can help. am visitinng tehran nextmonth and considering to do my 2nd nose job over there but i am trying to find out whos the best between Dr. Farhad Hafezi and Dr. Mohammed Ameri? please advice as i am from kuwait and dont know how to ask


I am coming to Tehran next week, please help me to find a good dr for my nose job? anyone heard Dr safavi? Is dr majid navab still alive?
Is dr saeed Abbas zadeh still working
Can I have his office number
hey where is the best nose surgery in iran??

Guest wrote:

Hi I had two times surgury with Dr fatahi he is not a good doctor just becarful and i have breathing problemand ...... and i am not happy at all about my nose.

can you plzzzzzz tell me why you are not happy with Dr.fatahi's surgery? I was planning to go to him for sure. I live in Canada and I want a super NATURAL nose job. I want my nose to still have it's shape and form but just be fixed. My nose is big. I did a lot of research and many people suggested Dr.fatahi. I didn't like the before and after pics he put on his website but I really liked how he operated on my friends. It's quite natural. Please email me I would really appreciate it.
Guest wrote:
smile:cry: salam doostan

man pishe Dr fattahi amal kardam 3 sale pish 5million azam gereft,binimo perfore kard va amalan gand zad,vaghean tosie mikonam age joneton va soratetono doos darid pishesh nariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid,hata bad az in kara ye ozram nakhastttttttttttt,age kasi midone vase amale 2 ya 3 ki karesh khube khaheshan komakam kone:(((((((((( smile:cry:

salam man mikhastam pishe fatahi amal konam. mishe begin chera inghadr narazi hastid mamnoon misham. man kheili tarifesho shenide boodam va be nazaram az hame behtar oomade bood ta be injja, kheliiiiiii mamnoon misham az komaketooon lotfan komaaaak. mage chi kar kard ba damaghetoon? amaile man hast
I had my rhinoplasty with dr.mir mohammad majlessi two months ago when i went to iran and i can honestly say that he is amazing, he gives you natural results, and he's great as he actually cares for you and listens to your concerns and he's really reasonably priced! Thanks to this forum for helping me find him
salam man mikhastam pishe fattahi beram mishe lotfan begin chera bad bod?


email address man
Guest wrote:
does anyone know as I asked above? help....

I'm also looking for a good doctor. I visited all the websites and I think Dr.Farahvash is not good. Don't choose him. The pictures on his websites are all the same. He cuts the nose too much so it becomes too short. I'm looking for a VERYY VERYY NATURAL surgery and I'm sure Dr.Farahvash's operations are all "aroosaki" and not natural at all. I don't want to have the tip of my noise raised. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT.
good luck
Guest wrote:
Dr abedipoor is a real plastic surgeon.dr naraghi is not a plastic surgeon.he works on sinus

ask from iranian medical council about the real specialty of a surgeon before nose job.I quire them about dr naraghi and they said he is a ENT surgeon ,not a plastic surgeon!!! it is fishy!

DONT GO TO Dr.abedipour. Does he even still operate people? My aunt got a nose job by Dr.Abedopour TWENTY YEARS AGO. that's a lot. At the time Dr.abipour was very famous. My aunt never liked her nose tho. It's fake and upturned. Too old fashioned for now. I myself would prefer a natural nose job.

My nose was operated by Dr.Haghgozar in 2007. The result wasn't as expected. My nose became very asymmetric and he didn't want to see me for a check after the operation. I think he knew that he messed up my nose. So I want to have another operation but I don't know where to go. I'm not living in Iran so it's quite difficult. In my last trip I went to Dr.Safavi in the Shariati Street and he was very nice but I don't know anything about his work. He didn't want to show me pictures of his previous patients and I was very irritated by that. I'm supposed to trust him just like that. But I need pictures. I have no trust anymore in plastic surgeons. I need to know how his operated noses are looking. Does anybody know his work? Could anybody send me a picture of somebody who has a operated nose by Dr.Safavi? That would mean the world to me.
Thank you.

my emailaddress:
dr safavi is greatest in iran. i have operated my nose by him and its wonderful.he is also very careful about the health of your nose and breathing.the price is 6 million tomans( about 3000$),but it really worths.
بهترین جراح پلاستیک ایران دکتر سیاوش صفویه من خودم پیش ایشون جراحی کردم کارش فوق العاده است تا حالا هم هیچ کسو ندیدم از کار ایشون ناراضی بوده باشه.در ضمن خیلی هم به سلامتی بینی اهمیت میدن و بعد از عمل هیچ عوارض و مشکل تنفسی نخواهید داشت.واقعا وقتی زیر دست ایشون رفتید خیالتون راحت باشه.هزینش هم امسال)91( 6میلیونه.
saba wrote:
hi i live in london, i did my nose with dr safavi 2 yrs ago and he messesd it up so i went back in feb, and he messed it up even more, now my nose is 2 colour, i woudent recomend him, even when i was in his office he had other complaints. i think he was good years ago, but not anymore, i can send pictures if anyonewants, also my sister did with him at the same time, hers is better than mine, but still not whaat u would expect.he flattened it too much

Please could you send me also your pictures? I was really looking forward to get my nose operated by Dr. Safavi.
It would help me a lot because he didn't want to show me pre and after photos of the noses made by him.
my email is:
I would be very thankful
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