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Yazd, Bride of Desert

Yazd, Bride of Desert

To me and to many others, nothing is comparable with spending a night under the shallow ceiling of desert's sky whose all shining stars seem reachable. Imagine you witness this beautiful scene in a quiet night of a very old city made out of clay, which can not easily get rid of the warmth the sun has granted during the day.
With one third of Iran covered with deserts, having such a delightful night is not a hard work. One of the oldest, largest and most charming desert cities, lies somewhere...

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Iran's image abroad

"Iranians were not only open to other cultures, but freely adapted to all they found useful...Persians have mixed creativity with art and offered the world numerous contributions..." - Wikipedia. What does the world thinks of Iran and Iranians?

The world's oldest continuous major civilization Women in Iran Iran Presidential Election Nuclear Program of Iran Iran - United States Relations

Tourist attractions

Dizin ski resort

Dizin is a ski resort situated to the north of Tehran in the Alborz mountain range & also the most important ski resort in Iran & The Middle East.

Chabahar Beaches

Caves and hills in a depth of 15 meters would bewilder any viewer. The sea in this part is intact and the aquatics are not afraid of divers. Chabahar coasts provide the best choice for water adventures such as windsurfing, diving and underwater excursions.

The Caspian Coast

A four-hour drive from Tehran, the Caspian is Iran's Riviera, with a narrow plain of paddyfields and orchards separating the sea from forested mountains where bears and leopards roam around ruined Mongol castles.

Facts for Iran visitors

Persian/Farsi Phrases: Shopping

Learn how to say "How much is this?, That's too expensive." in Farsi/Persian.

Persian/Farsi Phrases: Eating

Learn how to say "I'm a vegetarian." in Farsi/Persian.

Persian/Farsi Phrases: Lodging

Learn how to say "Do you have any rooms available?" in Farsi/Persian.

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Highlights of Iran

Haggle over a Persian rug in a Tehran bazaar, admire the delicate beauty of Esfahan, Ponder life in Persepolis, Gain an insight into the lives of Silk Road traders ...

Iran Tour

Visit Iran's main tourist spots.

Persepolis Tour

Have a comprehensive knowledge about the most eminent sites of Persia in the least time possible.

Pars Tour

8 days tour of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan and Qom.

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Plastic surgery in Iran

Iran is the country with the largest number of nosejobs in the world.

Bandar Abbas, Iran - Maiden Call for Crystal Cruises

IRAN! Just the word raises eyebrows (to many...concern) in any circle of discussion world-wide and has been the center of political discussion for the last few years.

In Iran, and loving it

Legendary Iranian hospitality and an almost tout-free travel - though with certain restrictions - makes Iran an enjoyable destination, and leaves you with an experience you'll remember for long.

Warm welcome in Iran

Language, religion and dress no barriers to connecting with friendly people. Surrounded by several Iranians, answering questions as they recorded my words, I should have felt intimidated. "You speak very good English," one of them ventured,...

Tehran weather conditions

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